Gutter Solutions

What are the best types of gutters for my property?

There are many choices of color and style when it comes to gutters. The most difficult is choosing what they are made of. Below we have included information on the main types of gutters and their materials with recommendations for the gutters that will work the best for your project and taste.

 Seamless Gutters .032 gauge and .27 gauge

Aluminum Gutter Installations are either sectional or seamless. Sectional gutters are pre-cut to certain lengths, and have to be configured and then cut to fit on the property. Because sectional gutters are fastened together in pieces, they can eventually develop leaks. Seamless gutters will not leak at the seams because there are none; they are joined at the inside and outside corners or downspout outlets. They never rust, even if downspouts get plugged and water collects. Seamless gutters are relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of gutters. All of these things make them a durable and popular choice for homeowners. A Plus Exterior only uses .032 with our gutter installs.

Aluminum Gutters

The most used or common product used today are aluminum gutters. This type of gutter is seamless

and holds more water than traditional European half round gutters. It is affordable and durable, and is

available in a wide variety of colors.

Copper Gutters

Copper rain gutters are durable and built to last a lifetime. These gutters can withstand salt and other

harmful substances of nature. Copper is a popular choice for homes in beach communities. A copper

gutter oxidizes quickly and forms a desirable look of earth tones and marbling which is considered

architecturally classic.

Steel Gutters

Galvanized steel gutters are typically used in commercial buildings. These gutters are the most durable

of the choices with their lasting qualities against nature’s harsh elements.

Gutter WarriorTM

With Gutter WarriorTM A mighty, clean, low maintenance hanging system with a continuous attachment

system that eliminates weak spots. In addition to superior strength, Gutter Warrior also keeps debris out

of gutters, allowing them to function properly year round.

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Leaf Relief®

With Leaf Relief® Help keep your gutters free from clogs and overflows with the patented design of Leaf

Relief®. It allows water to flow freely while breezes brush leaves away. See the Leaf Relief, No Clog, No

Overflow Warranty for details.

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Gutter RX®

is a self-cleaning aluminum gutter cover system that encloses your gutter and doesn’t allow debris and small animals in for nesting


Englert® Suregaurd Gutter Screen

  • Easy to install on existing gutters.
  • Durably constructed of heavy gauge aluminum
  • Quick and easy fastening
  • No nailing or screwing to install so it will not void your roof manufactures warranty.


Zip Hinge®

A tough reliable downspout hinge made of durable aluminum.